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( 14.08.11)

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It was hot and I had a couple of days off. So I decided to visit AMY my best friend. Im Gloria a skinny super girl and when I show up with a shirt and jacket I was wearing a dark blue shirt this time. On the jacket I had omitted, however, because it was so hot. In their attic, it would certainly be even warmer.
Reached her, she opened the door and stood in front of me in school girl dress. Plaid mini skirt, red top, stockings and shoes with high heels. And it looked pretty cool!
“Hey …” she greeted me and hugged me.
Skinny Super Girl!
When we got up in the apartment, we sat in the living room. Luckily the wind was blowing through the open window, because it was pretty hot. It was not long before the doorbell rang at the door and a friend came to visit. This was not planned actually. She stayed a bit and since we still wanted to go eat, we decided to do the same afterwards. We drove into town and parked at a shopping center. The rest we went back on foot, amily next to me and in my eye I noticed that all turned around and staring after us. The good Lord in jeans and a dark shirt and a bad school girls in short skirts. Amy I would still want to buy a lolly! I had to grin at the thought of it.
When we stopped at the restaurant, the waitress looked a little taken aback, but immediately started again and asked us at the table. Unconsciously, the whole thing went: I ordered a steak and amily, the abandoned in times of EHEC to the salad, had come to finger food. Since even the waitress was hot …
After dinner we walked a little bought something to drink and then drove back to Amy. We had a few minutes alone, then the doorbell rang at the door: another friend who wanted to talk to Amy about their problems. The girlfriend was after some time to go just about when the doorbell rang again. The girlfriend of the afternoon. After we talk and she had also learned who I am and then could not imagine why I was with Amy, she said goodbye with the words “You want to determine his own”.
Now all was quiet, but somehow the atmosphere was no longer to fall upon each other. We simply decided to go to bed and we are there to be comfortable. We undressed, amily always had to sleep the nice habit of snuggling naked and so instantly warm naked body against me. Amy kissed me only briefly, then with tongue. Our hands explored the other body. I ran over and grabbed her buttocks, groped me then up to her big breasts to knead it. Our lips met again and she pressed her body firmly to me as she hugged me. Amily strewn all over my body with kisses, stroking him and reached for my cock. She jerked in gently while she bent over me. Her large breasts swayed above my face and I ran my hand over her stomach through her crotch, through to her pussy. I only came with one finger in her wet pleasure cave and fucked her, then later with two fingers. Her pussy was slurping noises.
“… Mhmmmm mhmmm” amily moaned again and again.
I fucked her faster and deeper with my fingers. Amily she lay on her side and stroked over my body again. She massaged my cock and gently stroking him further. Her gave her a pat on the butt, for naughty schoolgirl. My fingers dug into her pussy again, this time two fingers. Through the roof window, a cool wind blew over our sweaty bodies. Amily slid down and covered my whole body with her kisses.
“Do you like that I blow him?” She asked, quite literally.
Skinny Super Girl posing nude!
“Please …” I just prayed. Please fuck me Im a Skinny Super Girl
Amily took my hard cock and kissed him. Her mouth was my cock slowly into her deep throat and then she fucked him with her sexy lips. Again and again, up and down. Then she jerked my rod with your hand and I felt like she was sucking my balls.
“Small horny school girl …” I just moaned as she continued enjoying it.
Amy came back up again after they had fucked my cock with her mouth.
“I want to feel you now …” she whispered.
I pulled a condom over my cock and Amy sat on me and made my stand slowly into her pussy. She started riding me, slowly at first, then faster and faster.
“Mhmmm, mhmmm … it’s so cool to feel you,” she moaned.
I gave her another slap on her bare bottom. Amy bent over and fucked on her pussy with my cock.
“Mhmmm yeah … … …. Mhmmm came “it from her. Another slap, and Amy sat back upright. My cock had again penetrated deep into her wet pussy. It was an awesome feeling this tight pussy fun. Amy’s ride was wilder and wilder, until my cock eventually slipped out of her pussy. We then cuddled and fell asleep. A real fuck between me Skinny Solo Girl Gloria and Amy!

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